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duygu ntagkala

I have always been interested in packaging. Particularly, during the Xmass when plethora of wonderful wrapping papers are available and gosh all those lovely ribbons and lovely gift tags too. They have always caught my attention:) 

Not only those gift wrapping, I even loved wrapping my old school books and notebooks. I do confess that sometimes I changed their covers even every term :)

Here, I would like to share with you. What we have chose for our Xmass wrappings and some photos below.


xx Duygu 

Pitti Bimbo June 2017

duygu ntagkala

It was a great experience meeting up with you at Pitti Bimbo ..

thank you

secret botanical heaven

duygu ntagkala

Visiting Barbican Conservatory...

Beautiful way to so spend a lovely day with your little darling in London..

duygu ntagkala

I have been asked many times for any suggestions or any advice for things to do in London with a kid. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to write it before. However, this weekend I got a bit of spare time and here is one of our recommendation. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

London, what first? There are so many different option/destinations to choose and have fun with your dear little angle. First of all, the city is very family friendly, travelling with a kid and all the relevant equipment such as a buggy or scooter is easy. Majority of the tube stations have a lift and they are easily identified by signage trust me you won’t missed them . Also, people are usually friendly and ready to give you a hand with your buggy (by the way, not the staff at the Overground, as I recently asked a member of the stuff to help me and he refused to do it).

One of our favourite destination is to head towards King’s Road at the posh part of the city . Elis’ favourite not for the posh-ness but for couple of lovely public building that are around the area. So here is routine or typical route.

Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery

We start from Sloane Square tube station that is on the District and Circle line. Our first stop is at the Saatchi Gallery. Apart from the amazing exhibitions and the art they have. The building itself is beautiful love to spend time within, the high ceilings, the lovely colour of the floors with the wide beautiful floor-board, the bright big white walls, the hole atmosphere is just relaxing to be in this art gallery. Unlike, another gallery’s here we feel very relaxed.  Elsewhere, I am constantly worried and stressed with my little girl. Despite have my eyes constantly on her, I never know what she thinks and what she may want to touch J. There that element of surprise and us being told all the time “you’re not allowed to touch”. Also, the gallery has very nice shop where mum just wants to buy all shop J.  As you leave the building you can’t miss its garden and the small park in front such a lovely place particularly when the sun is shining ...

This is one of our fav destination and we have so many reasons for that :)

After spending, at least couple of hours we head down the road. As a High Street, it’s unavoidable to spot the many little boutiques and frankly what a place to discover things and special pieces that are related to my profession, things that I always use them as source of inspiration for my own job as well. Well I never ever miss a chance to pop by Anthropologie …. This is where my brain is flourishing …. I feel like all my body cells and my brain starts to work simultaneously at full capacity :). What a lovely place to be! Definitely,  one of my favourite in a long time. Plenty of things to discover for both of us.



Well closing our first part we head for lunch. This perhaps can take a blog-post on its own and based on personal taste it may not even be enough J. Our preferred option is usually for a quick and short one, so can our daddy/husband join us for a lunch as his workplace is very close by. As sometime due to workload we miss a day of not seeing each other’s. Therefore, we compensate with a lunch all together J.  So, on the road you can find Le Pain Quotidien, The Rabbit, Casa Manolo (daddy’s favourite), Chelsea Garden, Blue Bird all great places to have a lunch J. We usually pop to Paul or Le Pain Quotidien due to proximity of daddy’s workplace.

Having had a lunch, well you guessed it. Time to have a bit of walk so we can digest it . Time for a bit of exploration and some adventures. If you ever get down there, you must shift of the high street and head to some pretty little hidden streets with colourful houses on the both sides. These streets are just like a live studio J.  Those pretty entrances, all those flowers in front of the houses what a big colour feast J. You can easily spot and meet up with some Instagram-ers there :).


If you are more into nature you can head south of the river to Battersea Park where you can enjoy a beautiful early afternoon. For the next couple of hours, we head north to South Kensington to our dearest favourite place. Also, nature J but a bit different. The Natural History Museum “The Dinosaur Museum” you just can’t imagine how much we love this place. As you can guess our favourite section is the Dinosaurs and then of course the shop too. There is always something to choose from. You can easily spend an entire day in this place and it may not be enough. The building itself on its own is worth visiting an architectural masterpiece. Together with the exhibiting material on display millions of years of history. But for us is those wonderful extinct creatures. I really don’t know what is it that attracts the little ones to them. Just a mystery as my little one says but love it, and I personally love it that they love it :). Adjacent to the Natural History Museum you can find the Victoria & Albert Museum (The Queen’s Museum as known to us ) and the Science Museum (we have no name for it yet, not much into science yet ). Both, places highly recommended. But I would recommend that you visit them in separate occasion as it can be exhausted to visit all in one go.

We usually squeeze our activity within 4-5 hours including the lunch obviously when we manage to get that spare time and not all the museums. Generally, our activities are mainly based around galleries, book stores, pretty shops, awesome picturesque streets with lovely houses (sometimes it can be just one building that we may have spotted somewhere ), cafes, restaurants etc. This is one of our favourite destination to spend a day with my little darling, but if you are to ask her Ellie where would you like to go today the answer is instant and 98% the same “The Dinosaur Museum” :).

xx Duygu 



The fairy of kids art projects ; Merrilee (@mer-mag)

duygu ntagkala

I fall in love with at first sight  the art projects that  Merrilee does. They are really artistic and creative. She shares them  in her blog and instagram account (@mer_mag)

I always wanted to know more about her and this was the opportunity to ask her how she discovered the talent she has and turned it into a really fun business. Her projects, her house and off course her three kids are just adorable.  

 We are so happy about the  collabration  of Kokori- Merrilee heirloom dolls ( @merrileeliddiardshop ). All dolls look so pretty with their Kokori dresses :)  Thank you Merrilee for this amazing job.

•Who is Merrilee Liddiard :) can you please tell us a bit yourself? 

I'm originally from Colorado in the States and grew up in a very creative and playful family. We didn't have much tv growing up but we did have a giant field in the back of our house and lots of slow time (my mom didn't put us in a lot of extra circular activities) to cultivate our imaginations and creativity. This magical part of my childhood has stuck with me and in this ever fast paced, digital era we're seeing a real need to bring back that slow, creative & nostalgic type of play for children today. It's something that's become important for me in raising my three children. 


•How was the Mer-mag blog born? What’s the challenges of being a blogger ?

I'm an illustrator by trade (that's what I went to school for) and had been working illustrating books for a sometime when I had my first son, Atticus. My desire to share with him the creative, make-it-yourself type childhood I so loved sparked the journey of my creative DIY blog mermagblog.com. Things just grew from there. I've loved the blogging journey and I love encouraging parents, teachers and caretakers with new ways of being creative in a simple, modern and whimsical way. 



•You are an illustrator, a writer of Playful, DIY & craft coach leader, heirloom dolls maker, blogger, party organizer, mummy, wife anything else that we did not count? . How do you manage to juggle them?

For me I've found it important to be creative in many different ways (otherwise I get restless). But I'm excited to have found the dolls as a place I'm happy to dwell in for sometime as they provide quite a bit of creative freedom for me. I have so many plans for them! I still love DIYS and will continue doing them as creative ideas just present themselves naturally in our life - especially around holidays. As far balancing it all - I've finally realized that the "balanced life" is impossible. Some weeks are full of deadlines and dinner is simple and unimaginative and some weeks we are all in going on vacations and focusing only on our kids - but most days it's a back and forth pull between the two. If I have my priorities in line I'm better and being present with the kids, particularly when they need it most and better focused on what my work needs so I can do my best there, putting energy where it needs it most. I'm learning to say no to a lot of things and am more dedicated to getting enough rest, exercise and eating well so that I'm better equipped to handle things without burn out. I'm also into slowing things down wherever I can as this time with my kids is going by so fast!

You have had many chances to see the effects of soft crafting an DIY projects on children improvement. What could you say about that? any advice?

I think I'd say don't be afraid to let you kids get bored. If you can just wait for them to get over that hump of whining about having nothing to do, you'll see that they become creators of their own play. Set out different art or craft supplies out with different themes, such as nature, or just one color, or one or two types of media such as clay and sticks, etc. and they will love taking it from there. I'm also a big fan of hand made, simple intentional toys that are full of tactile joy and open the way for lots of creative play. I began making my dolls and bunnies with this in mind and it's been a joy seeing my daughter and all of her friends play with them. They creative amazing imaginary worlds with them. My boys keep asking for a super hero boy doll so I need to get on that too :).

•Your book is an amazing inspiration for families? Do you have any more book projects or any other projects going on?

Playful was just a joy to work on and a big investment of time and love. I'm working on more children's books (I recently released a series of Fairy Friend board books) and have some additional creative book ideas in the works as well (some that I'm just dying to share and hope to soon!)

•One of the hard things for some people will be party organising for kids, any tips for them?

I love kids parties but only if they aren't too much work. right!? So I say find one thing to focus on, a color, an animal, a simple scene and go from there. Choose one or two things as your heros, like the cake or a pinata, and the keep everything else simple. I also write everything down for the party at least a week in advance to make sure I'm not so stressed the day off. (ha! no stress, as if that ever happens ;))



 •What about Merrilee Liddiard - dolls? I know they all have different names and characters, what’s their story? 

At the moment each doll is a one-of-a-kind. When I make each doll it's as if he or she tells me her story. It's really so much fun meeting them once they are fully brought to life and it's even more joyful seeing them find their forever homes with little ones across the world. 


•What would you choose for you daughter Milla from Kokori’s collection?

Oh we love it all! The wales trousers are a what dreams are made of and the moon jacket is as magical as it gets. But the jacquard fabric on the cornwall dress!!! So good. Oh I can't pick!


playful by merrilee

playful by merrilee

Multi-talented mummy ; Isabel

duygu ntagkala

This week we are hosting our lovely friend Isabel. After following her for a while on instagram, we got the chance to meet her in person during one of her travels to London. Then we caught up with her again during Playtime Paris. Isabel was very kind to spare some time and talk to us when we ask her to share some of her moments. This week we would like to introduce you this inspiring and multitasking Mum (@isabel_mjj).

  •    Can you please tell us about yourself? Who is Isabel and what are her ambitions in life?

I am really just a normal woman, haha! I love where I am in life now, to be honest. I have a great job and an amazing little family and the best friends and look forward to everything the future has in store for me. I just take it as it comes. 


  •   I know you are so multi-talented mum, you are a teacher, a blogger, stylist from time to time, full time mum and wife, how do you juggle all them? Can you please spill the beans? 

Well, like I said before, I just take things as they come and try not to stress about it all. Take one day at a time. I also make a lot of lists... To do lists are my life saver and it feels so good to check things off, ha!
It is not always easy to have a lot of quality time with family and friends, but I rather spend time with my loved ones than do the laundry. Good thing we have enough clothes so I don't have to do this every week :) And I love love love my cleaning lady, I'd be lost without her. 


  •   How would you describe your style, anything you say that Isabel never wears or buy for her home?

I am a huge fan of simplicity. Keep things simple, right? For myself I buy good basics that last longer than one season and the same goes for my kids, I guess. I will never buy big chunky slippers and  let alone wear them. Plastic on our feet, no thanks. 

  •  What about your shopping habits? How do you shop?

I always buy the same things really. Jeans, shirts, a dress from time to time and I mostly shop online. That saves me time and I don't have to drag my littles with me. I rather spend our free time doing things they love too, like a bike ride and a picnic or have coffee or brunch with friends while the kids play together. 

  • Any book, movie that inspires you and that you would like to recommend to us?

My all-time favourite book is "The Words" by Jean Paul Sartre. I have a major in Ethics and Philosophy and that book was really important to me while I was at college. I read it in French as I don't really like translations that much, because a lot of meaning gets lost.
My favourite movie would be BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S and THE FIVE PENNIES. Both old movies I know by heart. I watched them over and over as a kid and teenager and when I watch them now it warms my heart with memories.

  • What are your choices for Jeanne from Kokori’s collection?

The linen coat (moon jacket) must be my favourite. Together with the pink skirt and sparkly top. So classy, but still playful for a little girl. It really suits her, don't you think?




Best Team Mates; Bonnie & Pepper

duygu ntagkala

This week we have one more inspiring story for you. When you share your passion and ambition with your daughter. There is no better way than doing like our friends Bonnie & Pepper. The name itself is just a brand on its own J. Please meet them, enjoy it and be inspired too. Of course, you have to follow them on their daily adventures and inspirations. @pepper.pics

  • Can you please tell us about yourself? who is Bonnie and what are her ambitions in life?

I’m Bonnie, Pepper’s mom, 37 years old. Pepper and I live in a town in the south of The Netherlands. I’m a freelance graphic designer but because of Instagram I’m also starting to develop myself as a photographer. I have to say that Instagram opened so many great doors for me. In just a few months we travelled from Vienna to London and our next stop will be Barcelona. Pepper has been asked to model for several brands and I’m getting photography assignments in all different places. My ambitions are getting real. Styling, photography and design have always been a big part of my life. To be able to combine all of this, in so many creative ways is just amazing. I achieve this by expressing myself through pictures and creating various pieces of little piece of art. Everything is still in progress and I still have to learn and develop so much more but I’m slowly getting there. 


  • It looks like mum and daughter are having a plenty of fun on fashion photography, how did it started? You always inspire me as a mum and daughter on sharing a common passion? 

It started as a fun thing to do. Two years ago, I was blogging for a Dutch kid’s fashion blog on a weekly base and at one point I started sharing the pictures I made for the blog on my Instagram account. This was just a personal account with the usual selfies and fun things. And then, after one post the brand itself asked if they could repost my picture. Of course, that was okay by me and in one day my account grew from like 100 followers to 200. So, that’s how it works I said to myself :) 

Last year I got asked to do a shoot with Pepper for Ruby Tuesday for kids. Those pictures were used in every (web)shop the brand was being sold and after that things really started to roll. 

I think it’s because of what we do together. I’m not a trained photographer and neither Pepper is trained model but together we make a great team. She loves the attention she’s getting from it. And I love the work. We both are girly girls who love to dress up and feel pretty and that’s what we are doing every week now :)


  • Where does your inspiration and motivation come from, any secrets that you would like to share?

Both from that I just love to do what I do. Like I said I love every aspect of it. From the beginning where I pick the clothes, visualising the things in my head, searching for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram itself, to the styling, to the photography, to making the entire picture. This is what I wanted to do my whole life. Combining those things and just being creative. The fact that I can share this with my girl is the most amazing thing. We were already close but this makes us even closer. Maybe at some point in the future she will not want to do it anymore but until that point I will be enjoying it as much as I can. And at the same time, I’m creating memories with and for her. 

  •  It appears that you have worked with many brand so far, any favourites you have? What to you consider the most in a brand and your style? 

I’m still discovering new brands every day. There are so many!! Kids fashion is just amazing. I love it when a brand is a little crazy. But I also love classic looks. I always say I don’t really have one style but most people say I do have my own style. I can’t really say what that is.. maybe you should ask that to someone else :)

I don’t have one favourite brand. But for all kinds of different reasons my top top list  would be Bobo Choses, Wolf and Rita, Hilda.Henri, Mummymoon and Caroline Bosmans and of course  Kokori as well. 


  • How is Bonnie and Pepper in real life behind the camera lenses?

We are a team. A very close team. It’s just the two of us and we spend a lot of time together. I love to watch her play or dance. She has such a big imagination. She can play for hours by herself. She’s creative, always talking and so expressive. Sometimes such a drama queen. Sometimes after diner or when I take her to bed she asked me, mama can we have some fun? Than we do crazy things, like dance, start to tickle her, even chase her. She can laugh in such a way you just have to laugh yourself. 

  • Every mum deep inside her, has some vision about their daughter’s. Any particular dreams you may have about her or do you just want her to discover her own dreams? 

I hope she will be happy. Like any mom wishes for her daughter. I hope she will discover her own dreams and follow them. No matter what. For me it doesn’t matter in what house you live, what car you drive. It’s about the experiences. About the memories, you are creating. I hope she will do something that truly makes her happy. She wants to be famous she says now. I truly believe she can become famous. 

  • What are your choices for Pepper from Kokori’s collection?

Actually it was very hard to choose from :) Just in love with the linen jacket with black cat embroidery details and it's match black cat blouse then we combined them with Brighton trouser. (Beautiful pearl buttons )

Meet Amanda Jane Jones

duygu ntagkala

This week we had the chance to catch up with one of our favourite and inspiring Instagramer. We would like to thank Amanda for taking some time to catch up with us and providing us with some lovely photographs. Please take the moment to meet Amanda too :). @amandajanejones

         Can you tell us about yourself a bit Amanda?

I'm a freelance graphic designer and art director, living in Chicago. I have two children - Jane who is 3 and Miles is is 16mo. My husband Cree is getting his PhD at the University of Chicago -that's what brought us here. We love to travel with our family and explore our city. 

Amanda, Jane & Miles

Amanda, Jane & Miles


      I do believe that if you want to know more about someone, you should ask them about their dreams and ambitions? What are Amanda’s dreams and goals?

Honestly, I'm doing what I always dreamed - traveling the world with my family and designing part-time. I get the best of both worlds - to pursue my career and be with my family full-time. I do want more kids in the future, but my body needs some recovery time. The last pregnancy was a doozy! 

      Any project that you are working on and would like to share?  (we are big fan of your creations)

I'm working on a Cookbook for Eyeswoon that's been fun. Also I'm rebranding one of my favorite shops, MUR lifestyle - also a really cool new family travel site that I've been super excited to be a part of! It's called Nugget and should be launching soon. 


        After seeing all those stylish approaches? I would like to ask you about your own shopping habits? How does Amanda do her shopping?

I absolutely hate shopping with my kids, so I've turned into an internet shopper! I have things delivered and just try them on at home. That sounds so lazy I'm sure! 


        Would you like to share your secrets about the success in social/digital world? Any advice?

I think keeping it simple is key - have fun. If it starts to become a burden -take a break and don't put so much pressure on yourself. Also be kind to each other. 


       What are your choices for Jane from Kokori’s collection?

Our favorite outfit is the white ruffled top with the mustard trousers! So so so sweet! The shapes and details are perfect for her fun personality.

'Thank you again! Bravo on a fantastic new line!


duygu ntagkala


We are trilled to be travelling to Play Time Paris this coming weekend. We will be delighted to share our debut SS17 collection with you in Play Time Paris ...

If you are around please pop by .

Looking forward to seeing you in Paris 

team kokori xx 


duygu ntagkala


After months of hard work and endless research it was about time for the big day to arrive. Our efforts were finally paying off. It was truly one of the proudest moment to launched our debut collection at the Bubble London. Prior to the exhibition it was nervous time and especially just before the opening day my heart was biting at its highest performance, while thinking and trying to imagine the feedbacks and reaction we will get.

As soon as it had started all those nerves had suddenly disappeared, then it was all about engaging in the conversations with the visitor. Plenty of question about us, many requesting to photograph our collection. it was truly amazing and very encouraging to get all those positive feedbacks and to be featured on various blogs and Instagram posts. 

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to make our dreams come true and particularly at this early stages as always the beginning is the hardest. Below some snap shots from our small but cosy stand :).