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Best Team Mates; Bonnie & Pepper

duygu ntagkala

This week we have one more inspiring story for you. When you share your passion and ambition with your daughter. There is no better way than doing like our friends Bonnie & Pepper. The name itself is just a brand on its own J. Please meet them, enjoy it and be inspired too. Of course, you have to follow them on their daily adventures and inspirations. @pepper.pics

  • Can you please tell us about yourself? who is Bonnie and what are her ambitions in life?

I’m Bonnie, Pepper’s mom, 37 years old. Pepper and I live in a town in the south of The Netherlands. I’m a freelance graphic designer but because of Instagram I’m also starting to develop myself as a photographer. I have to say that Instagram opened so many great doors for me. In just a few months we travelled from Vienna to London and our next stop will be Barcelona. Pepper has been asked to model for several brands and I’m getting photography assignments in all different places. My ambitions are getting real. Styling, photography and design have always been a big part of my life. To be able to combine all of this, in so many creative ways is just amazing. I achieve this by expressing myself through pictures and creating various pieces of little piece of art. Everything is still in progress and I still have to learn and develop so much more but I’m slowly getting there. 


  • It looks like mum and daughter are having a plenty of fun on fashion photography, how did it started? You always inspire me as a mum and daughter on sharing a common passion? 

It started as a fun thing to do. Two years ago, I was blogging for a Dutch kid’s fashion blog on a weekly base and at one point I started sharing the pictures I made for the blog on my Instagram account. This was just a personal account with the usual selfies and fun things. And then, after one post the brand itself asked if they could repost my picture. Of course, that was okay by me and in one day my account grew from like 100 followers to 200. So, that’s how it works I said to myself :) 

Last year I got asked to do a shoot with Pepper for Ruby Tuesday for kids. Those pictures were used in every (web)shop the brand was being sold and after that things really started to roll. 

I think it’s because of what we do together. I’m not a trained photographer and neither Pepper is trained model but together we make a great team. She loves the attention she’s getting from it. And I love the work. We both are girly girls who love to dress up and feel pretty and that’s what we are doing every week now :)


  • Where does your inspiration and motivation come from, any secrets that you would like to share?

Both from that I just love to do what I do. Like I said I love every aspect of it. From the beginning where I pick the clothes, visualising the things in my head, searching for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram itself, to the styling, to the photography, to making the entire picture. This is what I wanted to do my whole life. Combining those things and just being creative. The fact that I can share this with my girl is the most amazing thing. We were already close but this makes us even closer. Maybe at some point in the future she will not want to do it anymore but until that point I will be enjoying it as much as I can. And at the same time, I’m creating memories with and for her. 

  •  It appears that you have worked with many brand so far, any favourites you have? What to you consider the most in a brand and your style? 

I’m still discovering new brands every day. There are so many!! Kids fashion is just amazing. I love it when a brand is a little crazy. But I also love classic looks. I always say I don’t really have one style but most people say I do have my own style. I can’t really say what that is.. maybe you should ask that to someone else :)

I don’t have one favourite brand. But for all kinds of different reasons my top top list  would be Bobo Choses, Wolf and Rita, Hilda.Henri, Mummymoon and Caroline Bosmans and of course  Kokori as well. 


  • How is Bonnie and Pepper in real life behind the camera lenses?

We are a team. A very close team. It’s just the two of us and we spend a lot of time together. I love to watch her play or dance. She has such a big imagination. She can play for hours by herself. She’s creative, always talking and so expressive. Sometimes such a drama queen. Sometimes after diner or when I take her to bed she asked me, mama can we have some fun? Than we do crazy things, like dance, start to tickle her, even chase her. She can laugh in such a way you just have to laugh yourself. 

  • Every mum deep inside her, has some vision about their daughter’s. Any particular dreams you may have about her or do you just want her to discover her own dreams? 

I hope she will be happy. Like any mom wishes for her daughter. I hope she will discover her own dreams and follow them. No matter what. For me it doesn’t matter in what house you live, what car you drive. It’s about the experiences. About the memories, you are creating. I hope she will do something that truly makes her happy. She wants to be famous she says now. I truly believe she can become famous. 

  • What are your choices for Pepper from Kokori’s collection?

Actually it was very hard to choose from :) Just in love with the linen jacket with black cat embroidery details and it's match black cat blouse then we combined them with Brighton trouser. (Beautiful pearl buttons )