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Beautiful way to so spend a lovely day with your little darling in London..

duygu ntagkala

I have been asked many times for any suggestions or any advice for things to do in London with a kid. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to write it before. However, this weekend I got a bit of spare time and here is one of our recommendation. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

London, what first? There are so many different option/destinations to choose and have fun with your dear little angle. First of all, the city is very family friendly, travelling with a kid and all the relevant equipment such as a buggy or scooter is easy. Majority of the tube stations have a lift and they are easily identified by signage trust me you won’t missed them . Also, people are usually friendly and ready to give you a hand with your buggy (by the way, not the staff at the Overground, as I recently asked a member of the stuff to help me and he refused to do it).

One of our favourite destination is to head towards King’s Road at the posh part of the city . Elis’ favourite not for the posh-ness but for couple of lovely public building that are around the area. So here is routine or typical route.

Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery

We start from Sloane Square tube station that is on the District and Circle line. Our first stop is at the Saatchi Gallery. Apart from the amazing exhibitions and the art they have. The building itself is beautiful love to spend time within, the high ceilings, the lovely colour of the floors with the wide beautiful floor-board, the bright big white walls, the hole atmosphere is just relaxing to be in this art gallery. Unlike, another gallery’s here we feel very relaxed.  Elsewhere, I am constantly worried and stressed with my little girl. Despite have my eyes constantly on her, I never know what she thinks and what she may want to touch J. There that element of surprise and us being told all the time “you’re not allowed to touch”. Also, the gallery has very nice shop where mum just wants to buy all shop J.  As you leave the building you can’t miss its garden and the small park in front such a lovely place particularly when the sun is shining ...

This is one of our fav destination and we have so many reasons for that :)

After spending, at least couple of hours we head down the road. As a High Street, it’s unavoidable to spot the many little boutiques and frankly what a place to discover things and special pieces that are related to my profession, things that I always use them as source of inspiration for my own job as well. Well I never ever miss a chance to pop by Anthropologie …. This is where my brain is flourishing …. I feel like all my body cells and my brain starts to work simultaneously at full capacity :). What a lovely place to be! Definitely,  one of my favourite in a long time. Plenty of things to discover for both of us.



Well closing our first part we head for lunch. This perhaps can take a blog-post on its own and based on personal taste it may not even be enough J. Our preferred option is usually for a quick and short one, so can our daddy/husband join us for a lunch as his workplace is very close by. As sometime due to workload we miss a day of not seeing each other’s. Therefore, we compensate with a lunch all together J.  So, on the road you can find Le Pain Quotidien, The Rabbit, Casa Manolo (daddy’s favourite), Chelsea Garden, Blue Bird all great places to have a lunch J. We usually pop to Paul or Le Pain Quotidien due to proximity of daddy’s workplace.

Having had a lunch, well you guessed it. Time to have a bit of walk so we can digest it . Time for a bit of exploration and some adventures. If you ever get down there, you must shift of the high street and head to some pretty little hidden streets with colourful houses on the both sides. These streets are just like a live studio J.  Those pretty entrances, all those flowers in front of the houses what a big colour feast J. You can easily spot and meet up with some Instagram-ers there :).


If you are more into nature you can head south of the river to Battersea Park where you can enjoy a beautiful early afternoon. For the next couple of hours, we head north to South Kensington to our dearest favourite place. Also, nature J but a bit different. The Natural History Museum “The Dinosaur Museum” you just can’t imagine how much we love this place. As you can guess our favourite section is the Dinosaurs and then of course the shop too. There is always something to choose from. You can easily spend an entire day in this place and it may not be enough. The building itself on its own is worth visiting an architectural masterpiece. Together with the exhibiting material on display millions of years of history. But for us is those wonderful extinct creatures. I really don’t know what is it that attracts the little ones to them. Just a mystery as my little one says but love it, and I personally love it that they love it :). Adjacent to the Natural History Museum you can find the Victoria & Albert Museum (The Queen’s Museum as known to us ) and the Science Museum (we have no name for it yet, not much into science yet ). Both, places highly recommended. But I would recommend that you visit them in separate occasion as it can be exhausted to visit all in one go.

We usually squeeze our activity within 4-5 hours including the lunch obviously when we manage to get that spare time and not all the museums. Generally, our activities are mainly based around galleries, book stores, pretty shops, awesome picturesque streets with lovely houses (sometimes it can be just one building that we may have spotted somewhere ), cafes, restaurants etc. This is one of our favourite destination to spend a day with my little darling, but if you are to ask her Ellie where would you like to go today the answer is instant and 98% the same “The Dinosaur Museum” :).

xx Duygu